Recycling Centre Amesbury

Recycling Centre Amesbury is a drop-off and recycling centre located in the town of Amesbury, Massachusetts. Opened on September 15, 2003, the Recycling Centre is the first and only facility of its kind in Essex County. The centre offers collection of recyclable materials, including plastics, paper products, aluminum cans and glass. The centre also offers drop-off service for tires, appliances, electronics and bikes.

How do the Recycling Centre Amesbury work?

The recycling centre is located in the town and collects recyclable materials from households. The materials are sorted and then taken to a nearby processing plant. There, the materials are separated into different categories, such as plastics, paper, and metal. The processed materials are then sent to different countries around the world.

What can be recycled at the Amesbury Recycling Centre?

The Recycling Centre accepts a variety of materials for recycling, including plastics, aluminium cans, cardboard and paper. Materials that cannot be recycled are typically thrown away, contributing to climate change and pollution. By recycling these materials, you can help reduce wastefulness and help preserve natural resources.

How are materials collected at the Amesbury Recycling Centre?

This Recycling Centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and Saturday 9am to 1pm. Materials are accepted in the following categories:

  • Glass bottles and jars (including mason jars)
  • Paper products (including cardboard, newspaper, magazines, flyers, and junk mail)
  • Plastics bags (including grocery and pharmacy bags)
  • Metal cans and cans with lids
  • Household hazardous waste
    The recycling centre also accepts materials for composting but these must be pre-approved by the municipality.

The different types of recycling at Recycling Centre Amesbury

Recycling Centre Amesbury offers different types of recycling to fit the needs of their customers. Depending on what type of material you are recycling, Recycling Centre can provide you with a container and collection service.

The most popular types of recycling at Recycling Centre are:

  • Glass: Customers can recycle glass in various ways, including using the glass crusher to break down large pieces into smaller ones, or using the automated glass recycler to turn broken glass into new glass products.
  • Metal: Customers can recycle metal in a variety of ways, including using the magnet to remove ferrous metals like iron and steel from waste materials, or using the anvil to crush waste materials so that they can be melted down and reformed into new metal products.
  • Eco-Friendly Plastic: Recycling eco-friendly plastic is important because it helps reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. Customers can recycle plastic in a variety of ways, including by melting down plastic bottles and packaging and molding them into new products.

What happens to materials once they have been recycled at the Amesbury Recycling Centre?

The materials that are recycled at the Amesbury Recycling Centre go through a number of steps in order to be reused or disposed of properly. The first step is sorting the materials by type, such as plastic, cardboard, and paper. Once the materials have been sorted, they are placed into a machine that breaks them down into smaller pieces. This process removes any harmful chemicals or contaminants from the material.

After the material has been cleaned, it is put into different bins according to its final use. For example, plastics are put into a bin for recycling purposes, while papers are put into another bin for burning. The remaining material, including metal and glass, is either disposed of or used in new products.

What are the benefits of recycling at the Amesbury Recycling Centre?

The Recycling Centre offers a number of benefits to residents and businesses who recycle. By diverting waste from the local landfill, the Amesbury Recycling Centre helps conserve natural resources, reduces environmental impact, and supports local economy.

Some of the main benefits of recycling at the Amesbury Recycling Centre include:

  •  Reduced environmental impact: By recycling, you reduce the amount of waste that goes to the local landfill. This reduces the amount of harmful emissions released into the air, and conserves natural resources.
  •  Reduced waste costs: Recycling saves you money on disposal fees by reducing your municipal waste bill. It’s also beneficial for the environment because it reduces landfill capacity.
  •  Support local economy: The Amesbury Recycling Centre provides jobs for local residents, generates revenue for the municipality, and supports local businesses.

What are the Benefits of Recycling at Amesbury?

The benefits of recycling at the Amesbury recycling centre are many. Cycles of resources are kept circulating, reducing waste and creating new materials that can be used to create new products. By diverting waste from landfills, recycling centres help prevent environmental disasters like global warming. In addition, recycling creates jobs in the manufacturing sector and helps reduce related energy costs.

How do I recycle my Materials?

For materials that can be recycled, Amesbury offers a number of ways to do it. You can recycle materials at the Amesbury Recycling Centre, which accepts plastic, aluminum, cardboard and other materials. The centre also offers drop-off service for material recycling.

If you live in the Municipality of the County of Norfolk, all recyclable materials must be taken to the Norfolk Resource Recovery Facility. There, the recyclables are sorted and then sold to companies that make new products from them.


If you’re looking for a recycling centre in Amesbury, then look no further! Our centre offers residents and businesses a wide range of recycling services, including drop-off days and pickup times. We also accept recyclable materials from the public, so don’t hesitate to come by and give us a try.

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